1. Ultra bright LCD with LED

2. Ultra power saving LED driver

3. Ultra sunlight readable resistive touch

TRIU-LCD is RayShine Photonics Corp.’s new series of product. The product is distinguished with triple “ultra” characteristics: ultra bright LCD with LED, ultra power saving LED driver, and ultra sunlight readable resistive touch. Smaller sizes of TRIU-LCDs are most suitable for ultra mobile PC applications.
We offer premier TRIU-LCDs (2.5”~15”) with high bright LED and high efficient high efficient LED driver with diming range 0~100%. The brightness of this LED backlight incorporated LCD can often reach 500~1,000 nits depending on the original structure of the LCD. TRIU-LCD is also transflectively enhanced, which allows LCD readable under direct sunlight. TRIU-LCD can also be integrated with sunlight readable resistive touch and become RT-TRIULCD. RT-TRIULCD fits perfectly back into your existent ultra-mobile system(UMPC), saves power, and has efficient thermal management. The LED backlights, LED drivers, and the sunlight readable touch panels are available as standard or customization product.
Our original sunlight readable resistive touch integrated LCD, RT-TRIOLCD, is transflective and with sunlight reflectance < 1%. Thus although the transparency of the touch is >=72% at wave length 550nm, the integral posses excellent clear view under direct sunlight with the LED backlight enhancement, which offers a good choice of sunlight readable solution.

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10.4" TRIU-LCD Set

6.4" TRIU-LCD with TOUCH
triu kits
TRIU-LCD's Controller. driver and OSD

Power Input:
Connector type: JST2.05P
Pin assignments:
Pin#1: Input Voltage, +10V -+13V
Pin#2: Ground
Pin#3: No conect
Pin#4: Brightness controll, 0V-5V.
             Dimming rang, o~100%
Pin#5; LED on/off, 0V off; 5V on.

LED outputs: two outputs
Connector type: JST-2.0/2C
Pin assignments:
Pin#1:Output Voltage, +9.5V-13V
            Output current, 0.1A-0.6A
Pin#2: Ground

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