ALP is the proud innovator of TRIOLCD
® ALP has been very encouraged to receive all the positive responses we have from our customers regarding this line of products and to see that our innovative enhancement approach has stirred up some “common interests in the industry since its original introduction. ALP has teamed up with RayShine Photonics Corp. in Taiwan since 2004 to expand our manufacturing capacity and R&D resources. As a part of ALP/RSP continuous combined efforts and commitments to the display industry, we have recently advanced our innovative LCD enhancement technology to include the integration of a resistive touch panel, RT-TRIOLCD™ series. RT-TRIOLCD™is a resistive touch panel integrated display system designed with similar concept of Trio process - the Transmissive and reflective illuminations optimization process, which is again a result of our R&D effort in understanding the optical properties of the parts involved in the integration. Integrated with a resistive touch screen of ~75% transmission, RT-TRIOLCD™ has the similar optical properties to TRIOLCD® with very low surface reflectance, Fig. 1, and can also utilize the transmitted ambient light as its reflective illumination. A 15" notebook screen with various integration areas under indoor and outdoor environments are shown in Figs. 2, 3, and 4, where A is a regular resistive touch panel integrated screen area, B is a TRIOLCD® integrated screen area, and C is a RT-TRIOLCD™ integrated screen area. In an Indoor environment all areas are viewable. However, in outdoors with shady or direct sunlight conditions, only areas B and C integrated with TRIOLCD® and RT-TRIOLCD™ are readable, Figs. 3 and 4. Further shown in Fig. 5, a 15" notebook TRIOLCD® on the left-hand side and a 12.1" RT-TRIOLCD™ of the monitor on the right-hand are simply clear in both the direct sunlight and shady areas.

Reflectrance of Ambient Light of LCD with
Various Resistive Touch Screen

 Fig. 1


Indoor readability of screen areas A, B, and C

Fig. 2


Outdoor readability of screen areas A, B,
and C in the shade

Fig. 3


Outdoor readability of screen areas A, B,
and C under direct sunlight

Fig. 4


Outdoor readability of a 15" note book
® and a 12.1" RT-TRIOLCD™ monitor

Fig. 5

TRIOLCD® has been received with amazing response. Now, with with the introduction of RT-TRIOLCD™ - a resistive touch screen integrated LCD that is truly direct sunlight readable, we invite all of you to come and check out the clear differences that TRIOLCD® and RT-TRIOLCD™ can make for your systems under direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits of RT-TRIOLCD™

Readable under all lighting conditions to include direct sunlight
Enhanced brightness and contrast ratio for both outdoor and indoor conditions
Can be your option of any size, any model, and any resolution of LCD
No extra power consumption
No extra heat generation
No significant weight increase
Fully electrically and mechanically compliable with your existing system
Goes right back into your system after modification with performances you desire



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