LED driver

Power efficient LED backlight driver with 0~100% dimming function

RSP also provides a power efficient LED backlight driver with 0~100% dimming function. To serve our customer better, we designed and developed a power efficient LED backlight driver to best work with our LED backlight strips. Sophisticated dimming circuit is incorporated in order to facilitate the use of a NVIS compatible LED backlight in its night mode. In many integrations, the brightness may be adjusted to 0 ~ 10 nits. TheLED driver brochure may be conveniently printed or downloaded. Some features of our LED backlight driver is summarized in the following.

  • Power input connector type: JST2.0/2C
  • Pin assignment:
    • Pin#1: Input voltage, +9.7V ~ +15V
    • Pin#2: Ground
    • Pin#3: No connection
    • Pin#4: Brightness control, 0V ~ 5V;
    • Dimming range, 0 ~ 100%
    • Pin#5: LED on/off, 0V off; 5V on
  • LED output: two outputs, connector type: DF13-2S-1.25C
  • Pin assignment:
    • Pin#1: Output voltage, +9.5V ~ +13V
    • Output current, 0.1A ~ 0.6A
    • Pin#2: Ground
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