LED light strips

High Bright LED Backlights

RayShine Photonics Corporation(RSP) is a world leader in providing high bright LED backlight enhanced sunlight readable LCD. RSP's LED backlight strips were made from selective high bright LED chips. The white spectrum is composed by matching the S and N groups of a single LED. Standard LCDs with LED backlights are available, or we can design the LED to meet your "nits" or brightness requirements. Some standard high bright LED backlight strips are available your immediate needs. Please check our standar LED backlight selections to find the suitable ones.

We also design and manufacture NVIS compatible LED backlight strips, single mode or dual mode, as specified by you. Please visit our nvisBacklight page and NVIS Tech page for more information.

A power efficient LED driver is specially designed to drive our LED backlight strips. The driver is designed to have a 0 ~ 100 % dimming function. Please click here: LED backlight driver brochure for a product brochure of the LED driver.

If you can't find a suitable LED backlight for your application, you can always contact us and have us design and customize a right LED backlight for you.

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