Comment light source deliver light with a broad spectral output, extending beyond the visible. Many visual and detector-based applications desire to pass only light within the visible spectrum.

For example, monochrome cameras or display that are often used to eliminate the effects of presence of near infrared light incident upon the detector.

RayShine provides display products with NVIS compatibility. We developed high efficient coating processes to produce filters with various IR filters, which are suitable for NVIS compatible display applications. These filters are designed for color display with LED backlight and have a transmission more than 90 %. The filter may satisfy the NVIS radiance requirements of MIL-STD-3009 with a minimum impact on color saturation and display luminance. We can offer various semi-complete NVIS compatible LCD integration parts.

NVIS compatible product selections include:

NVIS DHA - NVIS compatible display head assembly or NVIS compatible monitors

NVIS Touch screen - NVIS compatible touch screen

RayShine offers NVIS compatible display head assembly, with options of integrating selective LCD, touch screen, micromesh EMI, and heater. Standard NvisDHA options include: a 6.4", a 10.4", and a 12.1" NVIS display head assembly with sunlight readable resistive touch screen and micro-mesh EMI shield

NVIS compatible 10.4" high bright display head assembly with sunlight readable resistive touch sensor à spec

These nvisDHAs are highly impact resistant. We also offer further strengthen the touch screen and the enhanced units are proven to pass boot-kick test and ball-drop test.

nvisTouch: NVIS Compatible Touch Screen

RayShine’s NVIS compatible resistive touch screen with size 2 - 5.6". The nvisTouch is high transmission and may be conveniently overlaid to a display to meet the requirement of the NVIS compatibility.

Please contact us for more customized solution.

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