TriuLCD™: Transflective High Bright LCD with LED Backlight

As wireless technology surges to a new peak, the market demand for mobile devices has soared for both personal and consumer applications, especially for military and industrial applications - all of which invariably require a display that is sunlight readable and, to no less extent, power efficient.

It is RSP's unending quest to develop better sunlight readable display solutions to meet market demands. We first explored the notion of developing a LED strip to be used as a LCD backlight back in 2001. The very first LED backlight strip we developed was designed and made for a 11.3" LCD used in a rugged notebook. Although the result fell short of our hoped-for standards - due to the non-uniform luminance of the LED, the great success of TrioLCD in 2002 encouraged RSP to persist in the development of this LED backlight enhancement. By early 2005, LEDs became better at displaying color contrast, but power efficiency was still an issue that needed to be improved on. This was noted by Jerry Simmons, who manages the Solid State Lighting R&D Program at Sandia National Laboratories:

"Initially, LED-based backlight solutions for larger LCD monitors and televisions were applauded for significantly improving color rendering. It's now clear that energy saving can also be significant if the backlighting system is designed for high energy efficiency."

By 2006, there was a major breakthrough in improving the illumining efficiency of LEDs, and this propelled us towards our long awaited success in LED backlight development.

RSP succeeded in generating a series of sunlight readable high bright LCDs with energy efficient LED backlights. For example, we are capable of enhancing a 1000 nit 5.6 inch XGA LCD, TYL056P1 to have a power consumption of merely 2.7 watts as compared to the standard 4.5 watts, which only yields a luminance of 250 nits. Along with the development of a LED backlight was the need to develop a LED driver, which we also succeeded in.

This new product series of LED backlight enhanced LCDs is the TriuLCD. It is made exceptional by its triple "ultra" characteristics: ultra bright LED, ultra power saving, and ultra sunlight readable. It is the combination of these three unique characteristics that gives the "Tri-U" LCD its namesake. The brightness of our power efficient LCD with LED backlight can reach 500-1000 nits, depending on the original structure of the LCD. TriuLCD can also be transflectively enhanced, which enables the display to utilize incident sunlight as its luminance, hence delivering the effective power consumption that customer's desire. Our seamless modification process enables us to add all these enhancements without altering the LCD's original housing.

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