About RT-TriuLCD: a sunlight readable display with polarized touch screen and high bright LED backlight

RT-TriuLCD is RSP' one of the product series, developed to possess every feature desired in an ultra mobile application. It is made exceptional by its triple "ultra" characteristics:

1.    ultra bright and transflective LCD (500 ~ 1,000 nits)

2.    illuminated by an ultra power-saving LED backlight

3.    integrated with ultra sunlight readable resistive touch


A customized 6.4" RT-TriuLCD based on a LG 6.4" LCD, LB064V02-TD01


These characteristics also make the product particularly suitable for UMPC applications (ultra mobile personal computers) ; our ultra high bright sunlight readable transflective RT-TriuLCD were introduced to the market in 2006 as a makeover solution for UMPCs.

Although most have the touch function and are compact for portability, a UMPC still does not really possess the presupposed mobility that its name implies due to the poor readability of its highly reflective screen in most outdoor light conditions. Users are confined to using it under more moderate indoor lighting conditions. Our technological expertise and our seamless modification process enable us to add to the UMPC the transflective function (the sunlight readable properties), the high bright LED backlight, and the low reflectivity touch screen. All these enhancements are added to the LCD without altering the LCD's original mechanical properties. This all inclusive LCD enhancement process can convert a low-readability UMPC LCD into a transflective and direct sunlight readable UMPC display.

We can design/tailor the LED backlight and the resistive touch screen to meet your specific requirements and to best integrate the modified LCD panel into your system. Our highly successful modification process, always carried out in close coordination with our customers, has earned their utmost satisfaction and praise.

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