About RT-TrioLCD™: Rugged Touch Screen Integrated Sunlight Readable Display

A regular resistive touch screen integrated display would reflect ~20% of the ambient light off its surfaces, which make it impossible to view outdoor. Newly developed high transmission touch (~96% transmission, expensive!) reduces the reflection to about 4%. Hence although the resistive touch is a popular option for smaller portable devices (especially units with a display under 10.4") due their cost and light weight, these advantages are practically off set by the enormous sunlight glare in the outdoor environments.

The RT-TrioLCD integration technology is the result of a full understanding of the changes in optical property of a traveling light wave through various media and surfaces. This understanding allows us to generate an innovative way of integration for TrioLCD and a resistive touch, which eliminates a majority of the unwanted reflections and yet allow the effective reflection of a TrioLCD to be delivered to the viewer's eyes. As a result, our sunlight readable resistive touch-integrated LCD, RT-TrioLCD, is with a sunlight reflectance of <1% (Fig. 1) and is similar to the original TrioLCD's transflectivity (Transmissive and Reflective Illumination Optimized LCD). Thus, although the transparency of the touch screen is ~75% (at wavelength 550nm), the touch screen possesses a superior sunlight readability to a high transmission resistive touch screen due to its transflective property. Fig. 2 shows a 15" notebook screen divided into areas A, B, and C, where A is a LCD area overlaid with a regular resistive touch, B is an area made into TrioLCD, and C is an area made into RT-TrioLCD. Indoors, all areas are viewable.


gure 1 - Reflectance of Ambient              Figure 2 - Indoor readability of 

ght on LCD with Various Resistive            screen areas A - regular touch, B

ouch Screens                                                RT-TrioLCD, and C -RT-TrioLCD


However, when outdoors, under conditions of both shade (Fig. 3) and direct sunlight (Fig. 4), only areas B and C, which are TrioLCD and RT-TrioLCD , are readable. 


Figure 3 - Readability under the             Figure 4 - Outdoor readability of 

shade: screen areas A, B, and C in          screen areas A, B, and C under

the shade                                               direct sunlight

We invite you to experience for yourself the remarkable effects that TrioLCD and RT-TrioLCD can have on the outdoor readability of your displays. Once again, we would like to thank our customers for their continued support. 

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