Advanced Link and RayShine Photonics: The Outdoor Display Innovators

      Advanced Link Photonics, Inc. was founded by Dr. Raymond Wang in 1997 and is a company the specializes in optical technology.  Dr. Wang has a Ph.D. degree in optical science and has accumulated over 25 years  of experience in various optical industries.  ALP serves the photonic industry and has been providing world leading optical components to the industry for many years.  Recognizing the expanding need for LCD's suitable for outdoor applications, Dr. Raymond Wang has devoted his optical R&D expertise to provide a LCD suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In 2001, as a result of the company's dedication to the LCD field, ALP successfully introduced to the LCD industry a passive LCD enhancement patent innovation technology, which optimizes transmissive and reflective illuminations of a LCD.  As a result, an LCD which is readable under all lighting conditions, including under direct sunlight was developed - the TRIOLCD®


Since its first introduction, TRIOLCD® is now widely applied to different display applications. To fulfill the increased demand of TRIOLCD®, a Taiwan based TRIOLCD® manufacturing facility, RayShine Photonics Corp., was established and headed by Dr. Raymond Wang in 2004.  ALP and RSP have been working together strategically in marketing and manufacturing of TRIOLCD®.



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Advanced Link Photonics


RayShine Photonics


Advanced Link Photonics, Inc. has devoted years of R&D efforts in developing convenient, affordable, and efficient solutions for outdoor LCD applications.  TRIOLCD® is a direct result of ALP¡¦s R&D efforts. ALP takes the pride of being the first company to introduce to the display market this innovative passive enhancement concept, which leads to the production of TRIOLCD® or its similarities in the industry. 


RSP became ISO 9001 certified in 2007, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer service. As the only authorized manufacturer of TRIOLCD®, RSP is capable of providing outstanding TRIOLCD® with great logistical convenience and competitive price for our OEM customers.  Moreover, ALP and RSP jointed the resources and abilities and further distinguish ourselves among others with strong optical R&D capabilities, which allow us to continuously bring new innovations to the industry.  RSP and ALP have been awarded 5 US and International patents, with more pending for Sunlight Readable Display Head Assembly for resistive touch panels, EMI mesh, heaters & LCD screens.


Products with advanced features and benefits are constently under development. In addition to technical strength, we are well supported by the expanded manufacturing capacity and bountiful display resources in Taiwan. As a result, the joint efforts of ALP and RSP have greatly benefited our supportive customers, to whom we are committed to provide cutting-edge products and outstanding customer service.  We sincerely invite you to find out our capability to work with you to meet your various display application needs.

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