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Buy From RSP - the true innovator of sunlight readable LCD enhancement technologies
Here are just some of the reasons RSP has become the preferred choice for sunlight-readable solutions:

Our products speak for themselves!


With the rapid influx of numerous companies offering sunlight-readable modification services and LCD products into the display industry, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the range of choices available.
How has RSP managed to keep ahead of the tide and the ever-increasing competition? Simple – as the true innovators of our TrioTech sunlight-readable modification, we actually understand the technology behind our products. This thorough understanding of our technology enables us to continually perfect it and adapt it to various customer requests.
Hence our philosophy – instead of proclaiming our own merits, we’ll let our products do that job for us. We simply invite you to experience our remarkable, original TRIO technology for yourselves!

Our patent protected products discern imitation from true innovation!

RayShine owns four different patents in passive transflective LCD enhancement technologies. Another five patents are pending in the area of our LCD and touch screen integration, EMI shielding, and IR blocking. Such mastery is something that cannot be achieved through mere imitation, and this is the edge that we have over companies that model their products on ours. When you buy our display solutions, you are buying high quality, patent protected products, and not potentially patent-infringing products.

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